Polar Explorers 360°

Our Expeditions

Come with us to the Arctic and the Antarctic to gather 360° photographic records of the polar world heritage. Our goal is creating interactive tours allowing people to travel virtually in these regions before global warming changes them forever. Sign to our FB page or newsletter for schedule updates

On demand

If you want to visit some of the polar regions that we’ve already shot, check our Virtual Tours Gallery below and book with us. We’ll be hosted and guided by the people we know down there. We’ll continue our exploration and 360° photo-shooting with you, in order to expand our virtual tours

Big Project

We encourage participation in our expeditions as a way to boost both public engagement and long-term funding for our time-consuming storytelling work in the polar regions. We plan to travel all around the Arctic and to several areas of the Antarctic, and this is quite a big challenge

Expeditions Coordinator

Stefano Valentino, Mobile Reporter Founder, is an entrepreneurial journalist specialized in environment-related issues as well as a Street View Trusted Photographer. Over the last years he has investigated extensively climate change in the Arctic and the Antarctic through several expeditions, reporting his stories in several news outlets

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