Our Tour

Do you live in town or you’re just here on vacation? Jump on a bike and come with us for a guided sightseeing and air quality monitoring. You’ll discover the city’s most popular places through a new ecological perspective. Check out our tours schedule on FB

On Demand

Want to find out how safe or unsafe is the air in your neighborhood or in your favorite urban districts ? Get in touch with us and we’ll organize a tour for you. We can cycle around and detect pollution levels at different days and times in each location you chose

Big Project

Our tours aim to gather data on air pollution which is responsible for 430.000 yearly premature deaths in Europe. You like cycling and care for public health? Let’s join forces. Run your own tour and share your data. Together, we’ll map all major European cities

Our Airvisual Sensor

Airvisual is the world’s smallest air quality monitoring tool. It measures with a high degree of accuracy concentrations of both Particulate Matter (PM), affecting human health, and Carbon Emissions (CO2), contributing to climate change. Users can read the measurements directly on their smartphone through an app
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Tour Coordinator

Stefano Valentino, Mobile Reporter Founder, is an entrepreneurial journalist specialized in environment-related issues as well as a passionate biker. Over the last years he has investigated extensively air pollution, publishing his stories in several news outlets in Europe and the US. You can easily recognize his bike by the back solar panel powering the Air Visual sensor
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